Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Coin collection by Almaz Khayrullin, free Android Application for numismatists

Coin collection by  Almaz Khayrullin, free Android Application for numismatistsThis app is for numismatists. It allows you to catalog a collection of your coins. It has an intuitive interface, ample opportunities for sorting and searching. It has ability to manually adjust the handbooks and advanced features of the built-in filter. You can use this app for collection of stamps and banknotes.Please check the link at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akhaj.coincollectionmanager

Saturday, August 2, 2014

2015 Standard Catalog of World Coins - 1901-2000

2015 Standard Catalog of World Coins - 1901-200; Available in CD Format Now!

A world view like no other! For more than four decades, the Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901-2000, has provided the most comprehensive resource to 20th century coins on the market. Backed by a worldwide network of numismatic experts and the most authoritative coin database in the world, the tradition of excellence continues with this 42nd edition. Massive in size and striking in scope and detail, this highly respected reference offers invaluable information to the beginning or serious collector, researcher, academician, or coin dealer. Like the world it reflects, the Standard Catalog is ever-changing. For the first time it provides numeric grades for all coin types, as well as values for up to three conditions of proof quality, including PF63 and PF65. As always, the catalog is organized by country, with each listing providing: Up-to-date values listed by date, mintmark and grade Globally accepted KM reference numbers Clear descriptions of a coin's design features In addition, coins minted in silver, gold, platinum and palladium offer information for charting a course in the turbulent precious metals market: Total coin weight Fineness Actual precious metal weight With coin values heading in all directions as the collectible coin market settles into its next phase, this may be the most important edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins to come along in years. Add it to your library and collect with confidence.

The Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1901-2000 is a leading authority in world coin prices and referencing. If you are a world coin collector, this is the must-have guide to all coins found in the world during 1901-2000. This catalog has offered 40 years of the most reliable information on 20th century coins available on the market. You'll find these key features in this guide:
• 60,000 actual-size images of world coins for easy identification and current market values in up to 5 grades • Hundreds of updated coin images and information
• 2,000 pages of the most up-to-date information on world coins
• Information given by George S. Cuhaj and Thomas Michael, who are longtime and highly respected experts in the field
• And much more! This book is for collectors of all backgrounds - beginner to expert. The Standard Catalog of World Coins is the No. 1 tool for world coin dealers and researchers. No other reference exists which embodies the detail and comprehensive coverage of this catalog.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Coins Grades We Offer @ Coin-House

Coins Grades We Offer @ Coin-House

  1. Fair: The coin is heavily worn, but some details are apparent allowing an identification of the coin's type and denomination to be made. 
  2. Good (G): A damaged coin or highly worn but the principle design and lettering are visible. A coin may be quite unworn, but if it has been damaged or bent, for example if it has a deep score across it as though struck by a blade, then it will be graded as 'good' at best. 
  3. Very Good (VG):  A heavily worn coin, but with the principle inscriptions clearly legible, contrasting with the lesser 'good' grade where the principle design and lettering are faded or fuzzy in places. 
  4. Fine (F): A worn coin with about 50% of the detail rubbed away, but the minor inscriptions (such as lettering on coats of arms within the design) are still legible. 
  5. Very Fine (VF): All the major details are sharp. Portraits will show some hair detail. At least 75% of the coin's original design is apparent. 
  6. Extremely Fine (XF): The coin retains some of its original lustre, portraits reveal fine hair detail such as partings and strands of hair, though some higher parts are worn with at least 95% of the original design still present, and not worn away. 
  7. Almost UN-circulated (AUNC): More than 95% of the original design is present, but has some very minor wear. The coin retains at least 50% of its original lustre. 
  8. Uncirculated (UNC): All the coin's details are apparent, there is no wearing down or smoothing of the design. Some minor scratches (bag marks) may be present.  
  9. Brilliant (BUNC): The Coin retains its full original lustre - an uncirculated condition coin with a full lustre is sometimes known as 'brilliant uncirculated' To differentiate it from an uncirculated coin which has lost some of its lustre, but which has retained all of its details with no wear.

100 Different World Coins from 40 + Countries Economy Shipping! For Collectors

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100 Different AUNC / XF/ VF Coins - Lot -303X
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Coins from countries like Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Spain, South Africa, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Bahrain, East Caribbean States, Finland, China, Germany, Malaysia, Kuwait, Canada, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, USA, UAE, Singapore, Oman about 40 different countries!
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A listing by
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Read All Item Specifications:- Please go through all item specifications before quoting. You will get the item exactly match the specification given in the listing. Same image is used for more than one listings. The image is indicative if it is not mentioned as (What you see is what you get) or (Actual Item Image) in the specification. But you will get a similar or better coin. Year or Mint marks may change if it is not specified. Any doubt or discrepancy may please be communicated to the seller at Ask a question or phone me 09447820161 mail at goldenweblinks@gmail.com . We at coin-house believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Coins are guaranteed:- Coins you buy from coin-house are guaranteed for quality and quantity. all coins are 100 % genuine and offered eBay warranty. You will get 100 % refund including postage. So buy with confidence. Coins are preserved well and shipped with care. On all normal cases the coins will be shipped within one business day and you will receive the coins in 2 - 6 days depends on delivery location. Priority shipping available for customers with special requirements. Discounted or Free Shipping is possible for bulk buyers. Please ask for shipping quotation if required.

Your feedback is very important for us:- Your positive feedback is very important for coin-house. We expect all our buyers are satisfied and make positive feedback for items they buy. Any issue or discrepancy may please be communicated to the seller at Ask a question or phone me 09447820161 mail at goldenweblinks@gmail.com . We at Coin-House believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else.
A listing by
the coin people

Coins and shipping cost!

Thank you for visiting my item on eBay. I am offering four shipping modes. I hope the buyer may go through all shipping options because the shipping cost is more than the cost of coin. To reduce shipping cost buyers are requested to buy more than one item at a time.
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  2. Free Shipping: - Free shipping is offered to promote certain items for limited period. Items will be shipped by priority courier and the buyer will get deliver in 3 – 4 days. Shipping charges will be borne by the seller.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

East India Company ½ Pice 1853 Copper – 3.23 g – ø 21 mm KM# 464

 East India Company  ½ Pice 1853 Copper – 3.23 g – ø 21 mm KM# 464
East India Company  ½ Pice 1853 Copper – 3.23 g – ø 21 mm KM# 464
Obverse Queen Victoria Arms of the Company, with the date between the scroll and the ribbon. The ribbon bears the abbreviated Latin motto: AUSP: REG: Lettering: 1853 AUSP: REG: SEN: ANG: Reverse The value within a laurel wreath: 1/2 PICE Around this is the legend: EAST INDIA COMPANY Within a plain, raised rim. Lettering: EAST INDIA COMPANY ½ PICE Edge Plain

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Madras presidency rare coins 40cash,20cash,10cash,5cash&1-
1/2 cash

Madras presidency rare coins 40cash,20cash,10cash,5cash&1-
1/2 cash

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Philatelic and Numismatic Accessories SAFE SIGNOSCOPE T1

Opto-Electric Watermark and Quality TesterSafe Sign scope Opto-Electric Watermark and Quality Tester. T1 Signoscope Professional Model. Watermark or not, repaired or mint! Quick and easy to use - simply place your stamp under the optical block in the pull out slide, tighten the slide in its recess and turn on the light. Repairs, thin areas and watermark variations will be quickly and easily identified. Supplied with free adapter. Dimensions 200 x 90 x 140mm. This item is available at Stanley gibbons for £214.00