Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Coin Gallery - A site for Coin Collectors

British India One Rupee Silver Coin

Coin collectors around the world find it difficult to identify their coins. They also find it difficult to identify the coin values of the coins they posses. Coin gallery offers some solution for coin collectors. This site offer The largest collection of coin images, descriptions, and type values in the World. A gallery including over 41600 coin photos from 1064 places. It is very easy - Choose a country from the menu box to view listings, photos and coin values! There are forums, galleries, stores, interactive quizzes and much more to keep you collectors busy and engaged. Numismatists can manage their huge collections from this site. Visit today and learn more about coins.


  1. Ancient coins can be intimidating at first. They almost require that you read, study, learn. But this can open up a fascinating world -- the past -- which can shed marvelous insights about the present and perhaps the future as well.

  2. The coins of the India: