Sunday, March 4, 2012

Popular Indian coin auction sites

Coins, currencies and stamps where auctioned before the popularity of internet also. Now with the entry of internet as a popular platform online auctions are getting more and more popular.

Coins Auctioned

Coins Auctioned is the 3rd site after Opal Auctions and Gem Coins AuctionedRock Auctions, now with over 100,000 live auctions and over 100,000 sales to the public. gives you a number of benefits: Registration is free and activated instantly, No membership fees for buyers, Exclusive wholesale prices, Secure payment system through Paypal, 100% satisfaction guarantee from all coin sellers, User friendly online auction system and Built-in communication tools to talk with others in the gemstone community Once you are logged in to the site, you can start shopping. When you find an item you like simply place your bid. You can monitor the progress of your bids and, at the end of the auction, if you are the highest bidder then the item is yours.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third eritage Auctionslargest auction house in the world. Heritage Auctions have about 715,140 registered online bidder-members. Heritage Auctions was established in 1976 have staff of over 100 experts and 300 additional service-oriented professionals,. Heritage Auctions offers a wide range of US and World Coins, Rare Currency, and more. Register with Heritage Auctions free of charge and enjoy a whole lot of benefits. For numismatics visit the home page and go direct to coins sub head to view items on sale and more.


EBay is perhaps the largest auction house online. They are also into coin and numismatic auctions also. One can find Coins, EBayCurrencies and Stamps on EBay auctions. Everybody can sell his/her own items on EBay and everybody can buy items from eBay. Therefore eBay give fair deal to its customers. EBay offers secured payment options, buyer satisfaction through warranty and grading systems. Presently there is no better place for sellers and buyers for sell or buy items online. The major disadvantage of EBay is that they sell everything from everybody, so you have to manually search for items you want.


Teletrade, established in 1986 is one of the largest coin auction site in US. In 1998, Teletrade was acquired by Spectrum Group Intl. Teletrade provide one of the most sofosticated website and web interface for their customers. To brief up major benefits offered by teletrade I may quote their own words, Mr. Want list: Enter a coin or currency into your personal Mr. Want list and we'll let you know when it appears in a future auction! Free NGC/PCGS Grading: Consign your raw coins to any upcoming Teletrade Auction and for every coin that sells for over $250 or more, and Teletrade will pay the grading cost. Gold Rewards Program: Teletrade's industry-leading customer loyalty program that allows our customer to redeem earned points for exciting numismatic material, as a way of saying thank you for choosing Teletrade.

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