Sunday, December 16, 2012


BRITISH INDIA 1 RUPEE 1890 VICTORIA EMPRESS SILVER COIN is available on auction at eBay. The Price is around Rs. 2200.00. The 1890 Empress Silver coin is rare but available in good condition. See The images below and try to buy if you wand them.



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Rare Anna Coins

British India 4 Anna Coins
This coin is available for about Rs. 1000 a piece

British India 8 Anna Coins
This coin is available for about Rs. 3000 a piece

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

British India Coins–Average Condition

What is the average condition of available British India Coins? I have made some experiment in this direction. I have collected a hand full of British India Coins from various sources. Picked the coins at random and keep away the shabbiest and illegible coins. Sorted the coins into copper and brass coins and copper nickel coins. Below I have given two photos. Please watch them and come up with your comments.

British India Coins - Average Condition of Copper and Brass CoinsSome copper and brass coins are blackened. Victoria coins are difficult to find in good condition. East India Coins are of decent quality!

British India Copper and Brass Coins

British India Coins - Average Condition of Copper Nickel Coins

British India Copper Nickel Coins

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Coin Gallery - A site for Coin Collectors

British India One Rupee Silver Coin

Coin collectors around the world find it difficult to identify their coins. They also find it difficult to identify the coin values of the coins they posses. Coin gallery offers some solution for coin collectors. This site offer The largest collection of coin images, descriptions, and type values in the World. A gallery including over 41600 coin photos from 1064 places. It is very easy - Choose a country from the menu box to view listings, photos and coin values! There are forums, galleries, stores, interactive quizzes and much more to keep you collectors busy and engaged. Numismatists can manage their huge collections from this site. Visit today and learn more about coins.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Popular Indian coin auction sites

Coins, currencies and stamps where auctioned before the popularity of internet also. Now with the entry of internet as a popular platform online auctions are getting more and more popular.

Coins Auctioned

Coins Auctioned is the 3rd site after Opal Auctions and Gem Coins AuctionedRock Auctions, now with over 100,000 live auctions and over 100,000 sales to the public. gives you a number of benefits: Registration is free and activated instantly, No membership fees for buyers, Exclusive wholesale prices, Secure payment system through Paypal, 100% satisfaction guarantee from all coin sellers, User friendly online auction system and Built-in communication tools to talk with others in the gemstone community Once you are logged in to the site, you can start shopping. When you find an item you like simply place your bid. You can monitor the progress of your bids and, at the end of the auction, if you are the highest bidder then the item is yours.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third eritage Auctionslargest auction house in the world. Heritage Auctions have about 715,140 registered online bidder-members. Heritage Auctions was established in 1976 have staff of over 100 experts and 300 additional service-oriented professionals,. Heritage Auctions offers a wide range of US and World Coins, Rare Currency, and more. Register with Heritage Auctions free of charge and enjoy a whole lot of benefits. For numismatics visit the home page and go direct to coins sub head to view items on sale and more.


EBay is perhaps the largest auction house online. They are also into coin and numismatic auctions also. One can find Coins, EBayCurrencies and Stamps on EBay auctions. Everybody can sell his/her own items on EBay and everybody can buy items from eBay. Therefore eBay give fair deal to its customers. EBay offers secured payment options, buyer satisfaction through warranty and grading systems. Presently there is no better place for sellers and buyers for sell or buy items online. The major disadvantage of EBay is that they sell everything from everybody, so you have to manually search for items you want.


Teletrade, established in 1986 is one of the largest coin auction site in US. In 1998, Teletrade was acquired by Spectrum Group Intl. Teletrade provide one of the most sofosticated website and web interface for their customers. To brief up major benefits offered by teletrade I may quote their own words, Mr. Want list: Enter a coin or currency into your personal Mr. Want list and we'll let you know when it appears in a future auction! Free NGC/PCGS Grading: Consign your raw coins to any upcoming Teletrade Auction and for every coin that sells for over $250 or more, and Teletrade will pay the grading cost. Gold Rewards Program: Teletrade's industry-leading customer loyalty program that allows our customer to redeem earned points for exciting numismatic material, as a way of saying thank you for choosing Teletrade.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coin Grading Chart

It is important to grade the coins in your hand. Coin value depends on the grade. Here are the normal denominations of coin grading's.Colonial Coins


Barely identifiable; must have date and mintmark, otherwise pretty thrashed.


Worn almost smooth but lacking the damage Poor coins have.


Heavily worn such that inscriptions merge into the rims in places; details are mostly gone.


Very worn, but all major design elements are clear, if faint. Little if any central detail.


Very worn, but wear is even and overall design elements stand out boldly. Almost fully-separated rims.


Moderately worn, with some finer details remaining. All letters of LIBERTY, (if present,) should be readable. Full, clean rims.


Lightly worn; all devices are clear, major devices bold.


Slight traces of wear on high points; may have contact marks and little eye appeal.


Slightest hints of wear marks, no major contact marks, almost full luster, and positive eye appeal.


Strictly uncirculated but that's all; ugly coin with no luster, obvious contact marks, etc.


Uncirculated, but with contact marks and nicks, slightly impaired luster, overall basically appealing appearance. Strike is average to weak.


Uncirculated with strong luster, very few contact marks, excellent eye appeal. Strike is above average.


Uncirculated with perfect luster, no visible contact marks to the naked eye, exceptional eye appeal. Strike is sharp and attractive.


Uncirculated with perfect luster, sharp, attractive strike, and very exceptional eye appeal. A perfect coin except for microscopic flaws (under 8x magnification) in planchet, strike, or contact marks.


The perfect coin. There are no microscopic flaws visible to 8x, the strike is sharp, perfectly-cantered, and on a flawless planchet. Bright, full, original luster and outstanding eye appeal.

Coin Collection Manager Software to manage your coin collection

Coin Collection Manager is a professional application designed for people who have a hobby of collecting coins and numismatics. Easily catalogue your coin collection by storing detailed information about each coin with images. You can also take print outs of your collection, and even export to HTML, PDF or CSV format. A must have software for all collectors.shot

* Store your Coin Collection Details with Images
* Large Capacity - You can store thousands of coins
* Summary - Quickly view information about a selected coin
* Printing - Take a print out of your collection
* Export - Easily export your collection to HTML, PDF or CSV format
* Image Preview - Quickly preview the image of selected coin
* Zoom - View the image of coin in actual size
* Search - Easily search your collection
* Valuation - Shows the total money you spend on your collection along with its current value
System Requirements: Windows 7, Vista, XP
International Price Rs. 675, Introductory Indian Price Rs. 295 Only

Ask me if you have any other questions. You can also join face book page here -

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

British India King George 6 Rupee

King George 6 One Rupee Nickel Coin 1 Rupee - George VI 1947 Nickel – 11.8 g – ø 30.5 mm KM# 559 Year 1947 Value 1 Rupee (1) Metal Nickel Weight 11.8 g Diameter 30.5 mm Engraver Percy Metcalfe (obverse) Shape Round Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑ Demonetized yes

King George 6 One Half Rupee Nickel Coin -1/2 Rupee - George VI 1946-1947 Nickel – 5.8 g – ø 24 mm KM# 553 Year 1946-1947 Value 1/2 Rupee (0.5) Metal Nickel Weight 5.8 g Diameter 24 mm Engraver Percy Metcalfe (obverse) Shape Round Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑ Demonetized yes
King George 6 One Quarter Rupee Nickel Coin
1/4 Rupee - George VI 1946-1947 Nickel – 2.9 g – ø 19 mm KM# 548 Year 1946-1947 Value ¼ Rupee (0.25) Metal Nickel Weight 2.9 g Diameter 19 mm Engraver Percy Metcalfe (obverse) Shape Round Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑ Demonetized yes

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

High Crown (HC) and Flat Crown (FC) of 1 Pice

High Crown (HC

There are three types of crowns appear in the one pice coin during 1943 – 47. They are Round Crown (RC), High Crown (HC) and Flat Crown (FC) of 1 Pice. Below shown are High Crown (HC) and Flat Crown (FC) of 1 Pice. Please see the difference.
Flat Crown (FC)

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to identify your British India Coins coins

How to identify your British India Coins coins offers some unique way to identify your coins. This method can be used to identify your British India Coin Collection and to also know the market value of those coins. You have to follow some simple steps. 

Step 1. Confirm that your coin belongs to British India period. Get help from the details provided . 

Step 2. Once you confirmed that the coin is from British India period scroll to the bottom of the country page and follow the view all link. 

Step 3. When you find your coin type, note the catalogue number. Return to the top of the country page and follow the link to display the value of the coin. Values are provided for the most common date of each coin type in 5 condition grades. Remember that specific date coins may be worth much more.

Friday, January 20, 2012

How to grow your British India Coin Collection

One who enters into the world of coin collecting may grab a lot of regular coins from friends, swappers and sellers. Once you get some coins list them and arrange them in a chronological order. You will find a lot of Quarter annas, one annas, King George coins in your collection. You will find that many of the coins are missing from your British India Coin Collection. How can you grow your collection and become the proud owner of a decent British India Coin Pattern. You can increase your collection by buying coins in auctions, buying at collectors shops, swapping, bulk of coins, and so on...Here we discuss some major possibilities by which one can improve your collection.
Get a membership of the nearby numismatic society: This give you enough exposure to collectors around you. You will get chance to exchange coins and buy coins. Most of the numismatic societies conduct weekly auctions. You can buy coins at reasonable prices.
Get involved in coin swapping: swapping is one good way to increase your collection. For common coins the swap is good mode. Most of the regular coins are get listed in swapping sites. Numista is one good example of online swapping site.
Visit Coin vendors regularly: Exchanges and swapping will get you regular and common coins. For getting high value British India Coins especially silver and gold coins you have to shell out money. Vendors sell coins regularly but they get hold of high quality coins rarely. So keep visiting more than one (as much as you can) vendors regularly.
Keep your collection tidy and neat: it is important to keep your collection neat and tidy. Only if you know about your collection you will be able to exchange your doubles and get new coins. Always try to get good coins and push off old coins.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Evalution of British India Coinage in India

The British started their operations in India during early seventeenth century. They have started their operations in Surat and other parts of the country. They have started minting coins from early 17th century but those coins didn’t gain popularity in other parts of the country. So they have adopted and start minting coins of Mughal governors. They have produced equivalents of Mughal coins. This was without any authority from Indian Government. During eighteenth century British started minting coins from Bombay, Madras and Calcutta.
There were three types of coins:
  1. Madras coins of South India Pattern
  2. Bombay Coins of English Pattern
  3. Mughal Pattern Coins
By 1835 British had established their authority throughout India. They need a common pattern for their coins. So They have started minting universal coins. These coins bear the wreath of ESAT INDIA COMPANY. In 1858 Queen Victoria assumed authority of Government of India. In 1862 new series of coins were started minting with burst of the Queen. In 1877 Queen Victoria assumed the title of Empress of India. Some sort of die changes took place to adopt this.
In 1901 Queen Victoria died and King Edward came into power. The English coins also changed. The bald headed Edward coins were issued during 1901 – 1910. After the death of King Edward King George 5 came into power. Coins also changed. During World War I (1914 – 1918) there was an acute shortage of Silver and the British Government issued paper currency in place of silver coins. There were no coins issued in India during the short reign of Edward VIII. King George VI came into power in 1936 and new coins started to circulate. During this period the silver coins become half silver coins. The last coins British India was issued during 1947. By this time the Rupee coins become silver less.