Friday, January 20, 2012

How to grow your British India Coin Collection

One who enters into the world of coin collecting may grab a lot of regular coins from friends, swappers and sellers. Once you get some coins list them and arrange them in a chronological order. You will find a lot of Quarter annas, one annas, King George coins in your collection. You will find that many of the coins are missing from your British India Coin Collection. How can you grow your collection and become the proud owner of a decent British India Coin Pattern. You can increase your collection by buying coins in auctions, buying at collectors shops, swapping, bulk of coins, and so on...Here we discuss some major possibilities by which one can improve your collection.
Get a membership of the nearby numismatic society: This give you enough exposure to collectors around you. You will get chance to exchange coins and buy coins. Most of the numismatic societies conduct weekly auctions. You can buy coins at reasonable prices.
Get involved in coin swapping: swapping is one good way to increase your collection. For common coins the swap is good mode. Most of the regular coins are get listed in swapping sites. Numista is one good example of online swapping site.
Visit Coin vendors regularly: Exchanges and swapping will get you regular and common coins. For getting high value British India Coins especially silver and gold coins you have to shell out money. Vendors sell coins regularly but they get hold of high quality coins rarely. So keep visiting more than one (as much as you can) vendors regularly.
Keep your collection tidy and neat: it is important to keep your collection neat and tidy. Only if you know about your collection you will be able to exchange your doubles and get new coins. Always try to get good coins and push off old coins.

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