Monday, July 1, 2013

Coins For Sale and Purchase Only

1.) This group is strictly for people who are looking for buy/sell Coins , Dies and Notes.
2.) Posts not related to sale and purchases will be deleted without notice. And repeating will attract permanent ban.
3.) People who wants only to show off their collection of coins or looking for best price, their posts will be deleted.
4.) Post will be deleted if :
a) improper images of obverse and reverse of the coin/coins,
b) expected price is not mentioned,
c) Sellers who do not quote their expected price or proper images of obverse and reverse of the Coins,
d )display of Fake Coins,
e) This group is not a forum for discussion, This group is for promoting the Business of Coin Currency, any other postings will be removed.
5.) People who argue with each other and/or use abusive language or post comments against other people 's race/gender/nationality or try to put down other people's Coins, those posts will be deleted.
6.) Links from any other group or site will be deleted.
(once both parties agree on the price they can privately complete the deal at their own risk and understanding , they can exchange the link of ebay or choose any other suitable method of payment, this group or the admin and/or the members will not be responsible for any dispute arising from such a deal whatsoever).
7.) People who try to sell Items at very high and unrealistic prices,their posts will be deleted and the verdict of admins is final in this.
8.) Members can also post their coins for Best Price Offers
a) Members have to mention " Best Price Offer" with the coin image , not in the comments.
b) for this they have to post clear picture of the coin (Obverse-Reverse) failing this their post will be removed without any warning.
c) This posting is accepted for the time of 15 days only, after that the post will be removed and if it is not sold in the given period it has to be re-post again.
9.) All pictures posted here need to be released in Creative Commons Copyright in lieu of posting on our group.
10) Increment Slab will be as per following:
1 to 499=20
500 to 999=50
1000 to 3999=100
4000 to 5999=200
6000 to 7999=300
8000 to 9999=400
10000 and above=500
above increment bid is minimum, also please note that increment will increase once bidding amount go in another slab.
11) The images posted here should be of the actual items being sold.
12) Only 4 posts per seller will be allowed for day