Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apollodotus coinage

The series of blog posts on ancient Indian Coins starts with the coin from Apoppodotus I. Apollodotus coinage comes under Greek – Indian Coinage. Apollodotus coinageInd Greek Dynasty Coins. The Wikipedia states that the following description on Apollodotus coinage. Apollodotus I Soter, was an Indo-Greek king between 180 and 160 BCE who ruled the western and southern parts of the Indo-Greek kingdom. The coinage of Apollodotus is, together with that of Menander, one of the most abundant of the Indo-Greek kings. It is found mainly in the provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Gujarat, indicating the southern limit of the Indo-Greek expansion in India. This is also suggested by the Periplus, a 1st century CE document on trade in the Indian Ocean, which describes the remnants of Greek presence (shrines, barracks, wells, coinage) in the strategic port of Barygaza (Bharuch) in Gujarat. Strabo (XI) also describes the occupation of Patalene (Indus Delta country). While Sindh may have come under his possession, it is not known as to whether Apollodotus advanced to Gujarat, where the Satavahanas ruled.

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