Friday, March 18, 2011

Wanted Coins, stamps and Currencies in Exchange of Coins, stamps and Currencies

I collect coins, currencies and stamps. I would like to exchange coins and stamps with likeminded friends across the world. If anybody interested to exchange coin, Currency notes or stamps to exchange with coins notes or stamps please contact me! I am ready to exchange anything at 1:1 basis.
Also I run a small eBay shop Stamps Coins and Accessories and you can find my items there. Please select the items and ask for exchange and I am ready to exchange coins, currencies and stamps with you. Also I have FDCs, Miniature sheets and Coin Collecting Supplies listed in my shop.
In my Shop you will find Silver, Copper, Brass, Nickel, bimetal, Aluminium, steel Coins, Also you can find coins from 1000aD onwards. British India, Indian republic, Indian Princely State Coins are my speciality. You also find, indo Portuguese, Indo French coins. When it come to coin accessories there are premium quality accessories available at affordable rates.
Now here I am ready for coin swaps and exchanges. Please contact me if you are really interested to exchange coins, currencies and stamps from me.

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