Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Rare Collection of British India Half Rupee Coins

A Set of 9 Half Silver Coins

Watch this rare collection of British India King George VI half rupee half silver coins. These coins are different years/ different mints. The details are 1940 - CALCUTTA MINT, 1941 - BOMBAY MINT, 1942 - BOMBAY MINT, 1943 - BOMBAY MINT, 1943 - LAHORE MINT, 1944 - BOMBAY MINT, 1944 - LAHORE MINT, 1945 - BOMBAY MINT and 1945 - LAHORE MINT. It is offered on eBay. in at a basic price of Rs. 3150.00 per set. There are three Lahore mint coins and five Bombay mint coins plus one Calcutta mint coin. Out of these 9 coins six are average to fine condition coins. The balance three are damaged coins. These coins carry 50 % of silver and have got an average price of Rs. 350.00 per piece. The listing is in auction format but most probably you will get the item for around Rs. 3500.00. Visit eBay India site for more coins of this type.

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