Monday, December 13, 2010

The British India Coin Set

British India Coins are the most popular coins in Indian Antique Coin Market. Here is an example of collection set that is mostly British India Coins.This British India Set contain around 12 British India Coins from East India Company, Victoria Empress, Edward 7, King George 5, King George 6 etc. Also the lot fills with old Indian Republic Coins. Together make this lot a valuable collection and display sheet. I have go t three or four sets like this and now I have offered one on eBay. If anybody wants some piece please contact me. The set has four quarter Anna coins from different periods, and 2 Anna coins.


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  1. Please guide me where can i get list of coins of Republic India (circulation coins and commemorative coins) with images. Thanks in advance. my mail id is jul6_vanisk at