Thursday, December 15, 2011

British India One Pice Holed Coin

British India One Pice Hole Coin is one common coin found with every British India Coin Collectors. Most of the collectors have High crown, small dot High crown, small dot 1943, High crown, large dot 1944, High crown 1944 L, High crown, small dot 1944p, Flat crown, diamond 1945b, Flat crown 1945c, High crown, diamond 1947b, High crown1947c etc are most common verities. I have got the following types in my stock.
British India One Pice Holed Coin Observe
These coins were struck during 1943 – 1947 period in India and Lahore. The Lahore issue is very costly. All coins are 2 gram bronze coins. It has got a diameter of 221.32 mm. The shape of British India One Pice Hole Coin is round with a hole in the middle. There is no head in these coins but only crown is shown. But you can easily undersatand that these coins are of King George VI.
British India One Pice Holed Coin Reverse
If any of coin collectors are interested to buy coins I can send these four coins for just Rs. 100.00 plus postage of Rs. 50.00. Those who want to get the item by mail in India can contact me at 9447820161. I can send this by VPP also! Don't wait just call and obtain these valuable coins.

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