Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Numista the right place for British India Coin Swappers

 Numista offer a platform for collectors all over the world to communicate and swap coins all over the world. There are around 25000 coins listed from around 370 countries in the world. This site you can use for exchanging British India Coins.This site offer communication window, coin selection lists etc.
British India Coin Swapping
Numista lists around 157 British India Coins for swappers. You can sign up and look for prospective British India Coin Collectors. It is very easy and fast process. After Sign up you can visit the country list page and from there direct to and look what you want. With every coin you will find a large list of collectors who offer that coin. Select one and ask for the coin. Offer something equivalent to them and negotiate a swap deal. 

If you are a collector of British India Coins then You can also enter the number of coins of each type you own in the appropriate box depending on its grade. Tell how many coins you want to exchange with the other members of Numista. For specialized variants not listed in main catalogues and strike errors, you may add personal comments.

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  1. It is a very great site, and I have sevrel coin and want to know which country's coin are these ?