Monday, December 26, 2011

How to preserve British India Copper Coins

 British India Coins are mainly of Copper, bronze and Silver. It is very important to preserve the coin the safeguard the antique value and beauty of the coins. The coin price is depending on its condition. The condition of the coin gets deteriorated due to many reasons. The major causes are rubbing, scratching, humidity and contact with chemicals. 
Damaged British India Coin

Before beginning the preservation clean the coin from the dust and other particles on the surface. It is better to use soap water, pure water or oil to clean the surface.

The first step you have to take is the means to avoid rubbing. For this keep the coins safely in albums or flips. I prefer flips because you can re-arrange the coins without touching the same. For this use some decent flips without any chance to chemical attack. A good flip will keep the coin out of humidity and moisture also to some extent. 

The second step is to keep the coins away from bad climatic conditions. Humidity can be the major enemy of the coins. So keep the coins away from humid conditions. 

These tips for preservation of British India coins hold good for all type of coins you come across.

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