Saturday, December 10, 2011

How do you store and manage your collection?

Coin holders and sheets
Collectors prefer to keep their collection neat and tidy so that they can be exhibited as and when required, add new coins when they come and exchange duplicate coins with friends. There are several ways to keep coins safe and tidy. I would like to describe my way of keeping coins for those who want to keep the coins. 

First I take all new coins and wash them with light soap water, rinse several times with clean water and rub with brass brush and remove the dirt and acid as far as possible. Once the coins are neat it will be dried and make moisture free. Now I will select the good ones and insert them using 2X2 inch acid free flip holders. Now the details available will be recorded on the flips with a pen. As the coins accumulate in the flips they will be kept in an acid free PVC sheet which can hold 20 flips. The coins are arranged in a chronological order or keep them according to the denomination. Empty space will be left for those missing coins. Doubles and spares will be kept near to the collection so that they can be identified easily. These sheets will be inserted in a file with separate tags on them. The following will be the cost of keeping the coins in such a manner. 

Files that can hold 20 sheets cost around 250 Rupees while the PVC Sheets that can hold 20 coins cost Rs. 25.00. The 2X2 Flips of average quality cost around Rs. 2.00 that make a total cost of Rs. 4.00 per coin. This may be slightly costly but very neat and tidy way to organize your coins safe and handy.

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