Friday, December 16, 2011

Share your knowledge about British India Coins, Earn Coins

Are you a collector of British India coins? Have you got some wonderful collections and have good knowledge about your coins? If the answer is yes please share your knowledge and earn valuable coins as gifts. Plus you will earn friends and popularity; you can share your coins with your readers.
It is very simple and interesting. Just select one subject you like about British India Coinage. Write about that subject, add few images and send it to I will publish your article on this blog and your contact details will be displayed along with the article. If you are a seller or collector, friends and readers will come to you for the coin. You can sell, exchange or review your coin. If you are submitting some popular article you will get bonus British India Coin from me. Students, Collectors, Sellers and Buyers can take this challenge and earn coins, popularity, fame and contacts!

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  1. i have British India coins and east India coins.i want the values.